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Gradient Experiment Mini #2, 2023

Gradient Experiment Mini #2, 2023

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Meet the Gradient Experiment Series! (Minis) 

In this series, Feldi experimented with multiple colorful gradients in conversation with each other. These designs are inspired by graphic design trends and has roots in silk-screen printing techniques. 

This small cup, "Gradient Experiment Mini #2, 2023" is part of the Gradient Experiment series. This cup is one of a kind and will likely not be reproduced by the artist. 

More About This Cup:

This hand thrown ceramic cup features three separate bright and colorful gradients in a linear pattern around the body of the vessel. The graphic design on the outside of the cup is covered in a clear glossy glaze. The pot interior is covered in bright white glossy glaze to complement and brighten the overall design. 

This cup is perfect for a small nip of spirits, but is also the perfect mug for your colorful kid! All materials are Montessori approved for your little one. 

Handmade by Feldi Studios 
Microwave and Dishwasher Safe (hand washing is recommended for best care and longevity)

2.5" x 2.5" x 2.5"
Approximately 5oz Liquid Capacity
Cup weighs approximately 5oz

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