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The Gradient Experiments

In the spring of 2023, I challenged myself to use my leftover bisque-ware with designs I had never made before. A total break from the pressure I had put on myself to reproduce my more popular designs. The result is The Gradient Experiments, a series of exploratory work, each unique in nature, but all featuring multiple gradients on a cylindrical ceramic body. 

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The Neutral Series

In 2022 I moved into a new house and decorated my living room in southwest themes. I wanted terra cotta objects to complement the space so I bought a few bags of clay and started to play. I ended up developing a series of mugs featuring my existing graphic language, but with only neutral colors in place of my typical pastels.

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The Core Collection

Like many potters, I moved from my group studio to a home studio in 2020 when the pandemic hit. I suddenly had to figure out how to make exciting work without any of the resources the studio provided. Through a ton of play and experimentation, I developed what came to be my 'Core Collection,' a series of ceramic designs that acted as the foundation of my personal style.

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