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Hi! My name is Melissa, but my friends call me 'Feldi'. Welcome to the world of Feldi Studios, where I create unapologetically colorful, bright, and bold  functional art and design objects. My work is handmade with a ton of love, care, and attention to detail.

I am really glad that you are here! Keep scrolling to read my artist statement.

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Artist Statement

I am a feminist artist, championing the sparkling parts of all women. That little bit of magic we possess. The piece of us that we learned so well how to tuck away in order to be taken 'seriously' once we became adults.

In my work, I find power in my femininity, my girlhood, my glittery-ness, and my childlike self.

I reject the story of being told that I'm 'too much'. I reject the idea that anything is less valuable or worthy because it is 'girly'.

My art is unapologetically joyful. It asks, what if I loved every part of myself? How bright will I shine if I stopped trying to make myself small? What if I shrank for nothing? What if I was expansive?

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